Softaculous : MySQL Connection could not be established – Vestacp

Fix error Softaculous: Mysql connection could not be established in vestacp

I have test vestacp, with softaculous include, but when i install new wordpress on vestacp with softaculous, it’s error. I can not install my website.

I open a ticket and the prolem is fixed. Here is the way to fix it

Please find attached the patch file. Download the file following the instructions here:
1. For PHP version <=5.2, download softpanel_52.php
2. For PHP version >=5.3 and <5.6, download softpanel_53.php 
3. For PHP version >=5.6 and <7.1, download softpanel_56.php 
4. For PHP version >=7.1, download softpanel_71.php
You can check the PHP version on your server using the following command:
/usr/local/vesta/php/bin/php -v
After downloading the file, rename the same as ‘softpanel.php’ and replace at ‘/usr/local/vesta/softaculous/enduser/’ on your server.
Download file here: